I have known John Sutton for many years and I have witnessed his expertise and his success as a Family law attorney. I highly recommend John Sutton to any potential clients!
Daniel Hardee, Divorce and separation Attorney
John met with me quickly, laid my fears to rest, and helped me handle a custody issue. He was able to call the other attorney and settle everything so we didn't have to go to trial. I am so happy with how things worked out and will refer all of my friends to John.
Amber Polo
Best of the Best! If you want his help you have to do as he says when he says how he says. My husband and I have both received excellent counsel from him more than once. I myself had an officer harassing me to search my car during a traffic stop due to not using my blinker. I refused he got angry. I told him to call in your warrant and I’ll call John Sutton My lawyer. He had me repeat the name and then let me go. He is well known he is well-liked and definitely worth every penny.
Queen Soria
John was great to work with.
Dzevada Becirovic
Best Attorney and Paralegal you will ever have! They are truly amazing! They fight hard for you! You won't be disappointed!
Lisa Schildhauer
John has been my attorney since the beginning of his practice. He is the best of the best.
Teresa Kiramidjian
John was a fantastic lawyer who helped me in a dire time of my life. He was expensive but worth the price. He was informative, intelligent, and kept a strong link of communication at all times. He listened to my concerns and accurately expressed the concerns of the prosecution to me simultaneously. My favorite aspect of Sutton was you could tell that he actually cared about me and my future. I would recommend him to anyone.
Michael Strangfeld
John Sutton did my divorce in a timely and fair fashion. He has become our family attorney since then. He has dealt with traffic issues with a teenager, wills, and business matters. He is compassionate and his prices are fair. He is most effective in negotiations and in trial situations. He is simply the best trial attorney in Boise. When he doesn't have the expertise to handle certain legal matters, he refers the client to other attorneys.
Robert Marsh
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