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"Sometimes bad things happen to really good people."

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  • What great council. John's saved me from a lot of trouble through his council alone, not to mention his 30+ years as a defense attorney which shines as bright as day in the courtroom. Would absolutely recommend.
    - Kyle S
  • The lawyers here are very experienced extremely nice and well-mannered and will do their best to help you out they are doing a great job for us on our case couldn't think of a better lawyer to be representing us thank you guys for being so awesome.
    - Jesse T
  • John was a fantastic lawyer who helped me in a dire time of my life. He was expensive, but worth the price. He was informative, intelligent and kept a strong link of communication at all times.
    - Michael S.
  • John Sutton did my divorce in a timely and fair fashion. He has become our family attorney since then. He has dealt with traffic issues with a teenager, wills and business matters. He is compassionate and his prices are fair.
    -Robert M.
  • My case took a lot of time, dedication, and patience, and this firm has all of that and more. I am so glad I had John by my side to represent me and guide me through one of the toughest times.
    - Senad D.

The facts of every case are different.

How the facts and the applicable law of each case are examined, and thereafter presented during the pre-trial negotiation and at trial can mean the difference between a conviction, a reduction in charges and an acquittal.

The law firm of J.E. Sutton & Associates is built upon knowledgeable lawyers, experienced criminal attorneys and is dedicated to strong legal representation of each one of our clients. The law firm provides a free initial consultation by appointment, allowing us a chance to review the facts of your case to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the legal case or criminal charges you are facing.

Professional Criminal Defense Representation

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When searching for an experienced attorney with strong legal representation that can make a difference, it is important to retain an attorney experienced in Idaho Law and Ada County Court proceedings. 

The law firm of J.E. Sutton & Associates continues to provide professional legal representation, aggressive criminal defense, and counsel for DUI traffic offenses as it for nearly four decades in Boise, Idaho.
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