Criminal Defense

As an Idaho criminal defense attorney, I have with passion, dedication, and success, representing those facing prosecution for various crimes ranging from All Misdemeanors, All forms of DUI’s, All Felonies and Manslaughter Cases.

No case should ever be considered too small or inconsequential when talking about your freedom.

Being prosecuted for a criminal offense is something that no one is prepared for, and it can literally turn your life upside down.

Facing criminal charges is intimidating to say the least, and without the representation of a seasoned aggressive criminal defense, the consequences can be quite severe.

The selection of the right criminal defense attorney will likely be one of the most important decisions one will ever make, so it is critical to do your research and choose wisely.

When unfortunate enough to be charged with a crime it can seem like a nightmare without end. Your very freedom, reputation and dignity are on the line, and what you need is an aggressive attorney that is experienced, successful and well regarded in criminal defense.

I cannot guarantee the outcome of a particular matter. My successful record of representation, as partially set forth below, illustrates my unyielding commitment to excellence in advocating my clients’ causes. These results also illustrate the experience and dedication I bring to each and every client and what my primary goal as an advocate always is, and would be for your cause, excellence in representation and the very best possible result. Each cause is different; some benefit from going to jury trial, some from pretrial strategy and negotiations. I am experienced and successful at both. The following cases illustrate both approaches. To protect the privacy of my clients I list my prior advocacy without using their names

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