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Great lawyer with fast results!
John met with me quickly, laid my fears to rest and helped me handle a custody issue. He was able to call the other attorney and settle everything so we didn't have to go to trial. I am so happy with how things worked out and will refer all of my friends to John.


Custody Battle
Years ago I divorced my wife and in my divorce I lost everything. At the time I did not have John as my attorney. My ex filed for full custody and accused me of abusing our child. I immediately retained John after hearing many wonderful things about him. The end result of my case with John's representation was everything I wanted and more. John proved my ex was lying and I got to keep custody of my child, and my ex has to pay even more child support than before.

Excellent trial attorney, excellent and super friendly staff, and pays attention to your needs. John is the attorney you should hire if you want to win your custody case. He has tons of experience and the other lawyer and the judge really seemed to like him and respect what he was saying.


May the truth prevail...
Four & a half years ago I was involved in a situation where another group of people brought a fight to me at my house, and then they grabbed a gun. Even though I proceeded to defend myself, warding off the 3 other people, I was arrested on 2 felonies. After I was bailed out of jail, I shopped for an attorney throughout the whole southern half of Idaho. I quickly learned that an attorney's attitude towards your case is a direct reflection of what your outcome is likely to be. All that John wanted from start was the truth, which I gladly offered. Eventually, my case was dismissed in Owyhee Co., and it was handed over to the USAF where I was court-martialed. There, I found myself facing 3 felonies, 2 misdemeanors, and 15 years at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. After a 3 day trial, with Mr. John Sutton on my side, and the truth prevailing, I'm proud to say that I have heard "We the jury hear by find the defendant (my name) not guilty all charges". A full acquittal is what John was after, and a full acquittal is what John and I received. The reference that sent me to him said "he gets what he wants in the courtroom", and I can attest to that. He's not there to judge you or your character, he's only after the truth. I'm thankful everyday to be a free man, that I get to continue doing my job in the USAF, and I would not be where I am today without John. Thank you!


Outstanding Attorney!!!
I went to John with a small issue I was having with a mechanic shop. They had messed up my car after a simple alignment and caused several hundred dollars worth of damage. John quickly looked into it, drafted up the appropriate letters and solved my issues in no time at all!

Honestly, I have no idea what the other 2 reviews are saying. Prior to working with John, I researched him on the state bar. There were no complaints and nothing to suggest any of the good things I heard about him were false. If what the other complaints were saying had any truth to them, I would expect the Bar would have heard about it and made it public.

I HIGHLY recommend John Sutton! He is professional and will take care of you! I hope I never need to call him again, but if I do, Im glad hes there!